Чёрно-белая, пушистая)

Delicious smile

I live on your smile so please keep me sustained,
I've starved for a while, please, don't push me away.
Without the nutrition I might go insane
And my intuition said I will scream in vain
Really soon!
Without your smile

So just keep on smiling and feeding my soul!
I will drain you slowly cos you are the sole
There is no one else who can keep me full,
I'll treasure your life, I'm not a fool.
You'll live...
Live long enough!
Till I find a replacement

I won't make you suffer as long as you're needed.
But there will come time and the smile will be deeded
As soon as the heir will be born you will die.
I don' like explaining so don't ask me why!

It is your fate...
You can only smile!
There is no escape, live till you die